Thursday, November 27, 2008

Soon...very, soon!

YEAY! Had my fetal monitoring today at St. Joe's. All three babies are doing well. This time the change was with me. Doctor said I'm having mini contractions,  (I didn't even know it) and with the pattern of contractions that he saw, he thinks that I won't make it to Monday's appointment. So finally, it seems the end is in sight. 

We took Bridget along so that she could preview the hospital. She did well until two nurses started hooking me up to the monitors. She got very nervous and teary-eyed. She didn't like the sounds of the heartbeats at first, and she thought the nurses were hurting me. After a bit of reassuring, she was fine. I'm sure she'll be fine visiting me and her little sisters and brother when the time comes. 

We're off to Grandma Joan's later for Thanksgiving dinner. Until then, I'm going to rest up and drink lots of water. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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