Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Potty Training in Progress

Well, yesterday we tackled Day 1 of the 3 day potty training boot camp. We began the day by Bridget throwing out all of her pull-ups. She fought it at first, actually crying about having to throw out her diapers. I had to first put her in underpants, then she was willing to throw them out. Overall, Bridget did very well. She liked wearing her Elmo underwear. We made it all the way until about 1 pm without incident. At 1 I asked her if she needed to use the potty. She said no, then proceeded to pee in her underwear. So we ran to the potty, and I stuck her on the toilet and tried to get her to finish on the potty. Within the half hour, she also pooped in her pants. 

After that, she went on the potty and stayed dry the rest of the night. So part of the boot camp plan is that there's no diapers from this point forward...not even at night. So we were interested to see how this first night would go. 
Step 1: No drinks 2 hours before bed. Done.
Step 2: Go potty right before bed. Done, she went.
Step 3: Get Bridget out of bed 30 minutes later so that she understands that she's allowed to get out of bed overnight to go potty. Done, she was try and she tried to go.
Step 4: Put Bridget on the potty when we go to bed. Done, she was still dry. She tried but didn't go.
Step 5: Wake Bridget up shortly before her normal time and have her go. Done, she was still dry, and she went potty! This happened at about 6 am.
Step 6: When she wakes up have her go again. Done, she went! This was about 9 am. She usually wakes up at 7 am, but must have been extra tired from us waking her up so much. 

So now we're half-way through Day 2. I was hoping there would be no accidents, or at least an improvement from yesterday's 2 accidents. Nope!  Almost the exact same thing that happened yesterday happened today. Bridget had cereal and juice at about 10 am. When she finished, I asked her if she wanted to use the potty. She said no. A few minutes later, she looked at me and started peeing. So I snatched her up and ran her to the potty. She did hold it, and finished on the potty. So that was an improvement. Within a half hour, and AFTER she was showered and dressed in clean clothes, she pooped in her pants. 

Today's focus is getting her to take the initiative instead of me saying, "Do you have to go?" or "Let's try going potty." We'll see how the rest of the day goes. Both Shawn and I are very proud of our big girl!

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AM said...

I hope for sanity she gets this down!